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Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to paint this elephant. You can use water color, markers, tempera paint, acrylics or pastels to complete. I'm sharing this painting project to show you just how easy it is to complete something really pretty, for yourself or for a gift. This is a great little project for the kids too. Let's get you started. This is good for the little ones, or use it yourself to get the outline of the elephant and more.

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Under that you'll see the free reference photo I downloaded from Pixabay. What every you do Have Fun. Make Foreground med. This is a copy to print or use the file download for the elephant, etc. Trace the elephant onto the painting. Fill in elephant silhouette and darken the lower and farthest right and left foreground. I sn't this pretty? Puzzles are fun , relaxing and helps kids and adults acquire new skills. Your challenge today or one for your kids, is to copy, print, cut out this puzzle of my angel fish painting.

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Then put it together. Here is a photo of the original painting. Below you may download 3 'files' to complete this project.

One is of the complete angel fish, like the picture on a puzzle box. The next two are pages of puzzle pieces for you to cut out and fashion together. Have fun! This cat art may be just what you want. I found this free use photo online and it gave me an idea for a different art project for you. Steps Next print out copies of the cat in a variety of sizes: 8 x 10, 5 x 7, 4 x 6, and 3 x 5 or even smaller.

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You will be tracing these and cutting them out so best to not make them too small. Next cut them out, next to but not on their outlines. This allows you to better trace them later. This is how I played with arranging them.

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This photo shows a book of 'wallpaper' I purchased at a craft store for scrapbooking. It will work well for these cat silhouettes, but you could use any colored paper you choose. Step 6 Trace the cats onto the wallpaper or colored paper. You may use wallpaper or solid colors to mix and match. You're pattern may change. This photo shows how I changed my mind after cutting out the wallpaper I wanted to use. This helps enhance the feeling of movement.

You can change your mind too anytime. That's the process of doing art! Now take a tiny paint brush and a small dab of Elmer's or similar glue on a paper plate. Paint the backs of each cat with thin application of glue. Make certain to get glue on the tiny tail, feet and ear places so they won't curl. When you're satisfied with the gluing, place them on the background paper. TIP: Make certain you are happy with your arrangement before you glue!

Also start with the largest figure, OR the one in the background then build toward the front. When your art has completely dried, you may sign it, or leave it and frame it to hang on your wall, or to give as a gift. I'm an artist but not a good photographer and I wanted you to have an idea how I might frame this art piece.

Let me know. Get your kids and your elderly parents involved. Throw an art party and do it together. Here's a spring floral to brighten up your desktop this month! Out of this world freebies coming your way! Some things are better left on the shelf Liven up your tech with our new bookshelf artwork. Click here!

Here's a treat for you this Monday morning, a new wallpaper for your tech to brighten up your day! Copyright of Lemon Ribbon Studio. Copyright of Lemon Ribbon Studio Click here for your computer wallpaper. It's safe to say that Spring is finally here and the lovely flowers are starting to appear! Thank you cherry much! From us to you, this months freebie calendar. Pinch, punch first of the month!

We've got your February calendar here for you!

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