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We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled. Refine your search of 16 internet providers in Spokane. Television Providers in Spokane, WA. Dish Network television pricing starting at:. Call now for Dish Network internet availability at your address. Xfinity 2. Best Provider for Gaming Xfinity. Best Provider for Streaming Xfinity. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Thank you so much for recommending the xFi Pods! I am in a three floor townhouse where wifi is needed in all spaces.

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Although I have the blast fastest internet from Comcast, our computer connections were lagging. With xFi Pods, plugging in pods on each floor, easy set-up, and now the connection is super fast. I have had Comcast before and wasn't very pleased with it. However my new husband has had it for several years and since he pays the bills this is what he has chosen to have.

We have our land line hooked up to it too. The only thing I don't like is when Comcast is working on something or something is busted, you are never notified by even a robo call. Comcast's wifi works much better than it use to. So far so good. I had CenturyLink before and they were pretty good. Not really the overall best either. Bill kept going up and up without notice. I had a traveling notary business and sometimes they just didn't take care of me. Modem burned out. He understood that we are a business and needed to have someone out to us fast and he got someone out to us same day!

After a nice young man came to our door times, he finally sold us.

Flirting with fiber in Spokane

I am so upset, our bill has been 3x the normal amount. No other internet provider we have had in the past has had overage charges, they typically just slow your speeds after a certain amount of data. The guy selling us the internet was TOLD we have 3 pre teens on tablets and phones all the time. He said how this new speed would be perfect and NEVER once mentioned that we might need a higher package due to our data use. I am so so upset I have wasted my time with this company.

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I learned that I do qualify for Comcast Internet Essentials internet service which Comcast provides me a free wireless modem router for. Comcast I. However, after one year of mostly smooth service, Comcast seems to have lowered my connection speed. The modem made a grinding noise when I first started using the service and everything transferred smoothly. Now the modem is completely quiet Comcast has decided to turn my transfer rate down, making my internet experience at times, so frustrating that I consider throwing my laptop computer on the floor and jumping up and down on it.

I can no longer play 2 of my favorite online games, and I can barely scroll pages of text without them freezing and stuttering. I am planning on buying a new PC and replacing my outdated laptop which might resolve some of my issues, but I have been unsuccessful in convincing Comcast to turn my transfer rate back up so that everything can run smoothly again. I don't know why they don't just turn the transfer rate back up, but it seems I might need to buy a different service if this doesn't get better.

For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I have had Comcast internet for the past 14 years, during that time I would lose service for one reason or another and it was not from equipment modem or WIFI within my home.

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Every time I called about it, I get the standard recording "there is an outage in your area, our technicians are working to resolve the problem, and should have it fixed by 3 pm". There have been times I would not have service for 24 to 48 hours. But would be charged for it. Now to all Comcast users you have to ask for the credit even though Comcast knows about the area outage. Well Google Fiber finally made it to my area, and I switched over in May.

I turned in all my Comcast equipment and informed the young lady that I no longer desired the services from Comcast. Upon checking my account, I noticed the only thing dropped was TV. I called Comcast to correct this, and was told the problem was corrected and that the date service ended would be changed to the 29th. To me they are crooks. Every month when my bill is due, they take it out of my bank. I would imagine they would charge late fees or interrupt service then a service charge to reconnect.

But it takes up to six weeks for a refund. They are collecting interest on everyone's money who recently dropped Comcast service. What a money making scheme they have. If I could give this company a minus 5 stars I would. My internet and TV are constantly down. We call and open tickets, but this company doesn't care. Plus we asked for a credit and they say they will have to investigate but never give an answer. They are taken over this area and do not care if you have service or not. I was a Comcast subscriber for over 6 years.

About eight months later I get a letter saying that I had been receiving these channels by a programming mistake that had been giving them to me for free, but they would now cost more if I wanted to keep them. Some marketing director must have thought he was real smart. It just ticked me off. I left and went with DirecTV. I paid about the same but got more channels and less bull. But before I ever go back to Comcast I will go back to the radio.

The super stupid and worst service I ever have. After six month they want me to pay I am super pass off. I called sooo many times before to solve this problem and the crazy increase but what their employee said, "It's just the same system. Just ignore it. We will fix this and will adjust this billing. Damn these people are a thief. Dont sign up with them.

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OK after fighting for 5 years I am giving up. First of all not only have I been a customer since the s, I have worked for them and I can tell you horror stories about their internal processes too. As a worker, I had no worries about the prices. But after I left and had to reduce my package, no matter what I did I was going to pay I only worked with them for two years, and prior to that I paid They wouldnt let me move to All-Ip either, acting like I was talking about the stream only service. In June the price is But I was in contract?

What is that? They are able to change the price of a contract No bueno! Do not go with them I sold my home and moved to another location.

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I tried to transfer my service to a new the new home and Xfinity was not serviceable in that area, they went as far as putting a ticket in and sending a service guy out to see if they could service, no luck. The contract stated if you move, and they cannot service you still have to pay a early termination fee. This is unethical to put this clause in a contract when the company cannot even service the new location, if you can service the new location and they do not transfer. I get it but when you tried your hardest for service The other option the group is considering is collaborating with Madison, Wis.

Beggs says TDS Telecom would build a new fiber network to homes and businesses throughout the city. Because TDS Telecom would be building infrastructure that the company would own, no contract with the city would be necessary. TDS Telecom would recoup the costs of installing, maintaining, and operating the network through market share, Beggs says. He says the fact that the infrastructure would be owned by a private company would mean the city would have little control over the network.

Some 70 miles northeast of Spokane, the city of Sandpoint, Idaho, is currently in the process of installing its own fiber optic network. The city initially began working with private partners who would build the network and lease access. One route would serve the city and county governments, while the other would be dedicated to residential and commercial use. As the network progressed, Stapleton says, the city chose to change its model to lease conduits by the foot using a system that divides the conduit into separate linear cells.

As Sandpoint continued building conduits, it began attracting attention from internet service providers, including Starkville, Miss. Stapleton says Sandpoint has right-of-use agreements with Ting Inc.