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Time to start searching for a new cable company!! Switch one house to Comcast. They will wire it for cable.

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A year later, cancel both houses providers and switch each to a different provider and get the new customer promotional rate. Do that every year. Game them with their own game. A rep came to my house yesterday to offer me a deal and I took it because the only offer was good for that day and it sounded pretty good. One yr contract and 2 yr price guarantee. No equipment fees, no extra HD fee, etc.

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Plus a free Samsung tablet, a promo that just started last week. Also, he gave me a that he said is new and it goes straight to Customer Service in America. In U they offer Showtime etc, of course they do but not in HD which is optional, so that offer is useless, who watch analog these days.

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Their service is awful, their pricing is worse, and their customer service is non-existent. Otherwise, RUN. Run hard and run fast. No failures in the system there at all.

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Good luck to you, Victoria Lord. After having real concerns and reading these reviews, I cancelled installation. Of course, to get the deal I had to make a decision while the rep was at my house. These reviews showed me that the same problems I had heard about a year ago still existed. Just one more reason to stay away from this company. I to was told that it would be a soft hit.

Liars my credit now have a hard hit on it for the next 2 years. He then notified me he will set up my case and they will reach back out to me regarding my refund. This company is absolute garbage. Ive never had any major issues with service. The people are rude inconsiderate and unhelpful. There is a huge lack of communication and overall knowledge of the products and services they provide throughout the entire company!

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From the sales reps all the way down to the cancellation rep, all of them are incompetent!! I spoke with 3 different sales reps who all told me something different about the basics of the products that I was interested in. I received all types of promotions until the installer came by. Boy was I wrong!! From the time I initially gave the OK for the installer to install the internet to the 3rd week of having the service, I was on the phone with customer service about the charges on my bill, as they were still trying to charge me for the promotion that I had originally called about as well as charging me for the installment in one lump sum opposed to the monthly payment plan we had discussed.

After going toe-to-toe with them about that , they told me they would take off the promotion deal charge but they were sorry that they charged me the lump sum for the installment but it was nothing they could do since it was already in the system. Of course I had an issue as they were trying to suspend my services unless I paid for the charges.

Side bar- I work from home and constantly use my internet. I called trying to figure out why my service was suspended and you know what they said.. Of course I lost it! I even called corporate to see if they would wave the fee and of course they didnt. They handled everything with consistency and everyone on the staff seemed pretty knowledgeable and willing to workout whatever problem I had, if any. I could only imagine the mess I would have had. We have 4 tvs on all the time.

What a time waste.

Thank God my boys figured it out for me. Their customer service is unhelpful and seem to actually dislike their customers.

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I have been a subscriber for more than 2 years, and after more than 4 four months without FOX, I finally called to complain and ask for a reduction in my rate. I understand that they cannot guarantee channels, but they do control their pricing, and can reduce it if they lose a major channel like FOX. As far as I am concerned, they have cheated me for the last four months.

I wish everyone would drop their service. I ordered online and they sent a confirmation email. When I went to my account they said my order was cancelled.

When I called them she had to enter my order in again and she was giving me the U package which includes everything. I said I want I ordered, the U package. She hung up on me! This is the main reason that I have almost cancelled with them.

I have to stop a recording to be able to watch tv. This is annoying for sure. Wondering what you've been missing? Take a closer look at their TV packages and every channel included with each one. If you also want home phone service, U-Verse has you covered with this bundle option. Similar to the other U-Verse plan, it requires a one-year commitment and you can lock into your price during U-Verse promotional periods for two years. Use our internet provider zip code checker to see if services are available in your area. The average of the promotional price and the final price is probably still cheaper than the alternatives, but be aware of that average cost while you compare providers.

The service also includes a set of customizable parental controls such as restricting certain channels, as well as pay-per-view content. Jessica Sims is a technology blogger and broadband industry veteran. Her background as an administrator and customer support employee for a major ISP informs her passion for helping consumers understand their service options. James Webb is a tech and gadgets expert with a focus on educational content development. He draws on his background in the startup world to make complicated technologies and topics easy to understand for normal folks.

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